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Take control of your finances and learn how to manage your new contract wisely with our private training network and resources.

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Peer to Peer Games

Earn points by simply sharing mini lessons with people you care about.

Learn financial habits that last

Schooold works on the devices you already use—and keeps learning accessible for everyone.

Built-in League Growth

Grow your pro-league by providing educational playbooks for players to grow off the court.

Schools & districts

Get every family involved in financial education.

Whether you’re setting district goals or running your school's financial literacy efforts, Schooold helps you create an engaging and effective solution.

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There really isn't anything like Schooold out there. To have something that privately teaches personal finance to athletes in a fun way is a game changer.
— amobi okugo
Pro leagues & sports unions

Create an engaging education system that inspires fans.

From online challenges to weekly tournaments, Schooold makes it easy to engage entire communities while educating your members.


Learn with your child and cheer them on.

From learning alerts to mini tests to easy-to-learn challenges, Schooold makes sure you are in sync with your child's education.

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Sixty percent of NBA players go broke within five years of departing the league. And 78 percent of former NFL players experience financial distress two years after retirement.
— cnbc

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